The Widow's Web



Compelling and filled with valuable insights, The Widow’s Web reveals an eclectic set of lessons that focuses on the true meaning of love. In this book, you will find yourself being able to relate to struggles of the main character, Andrea T.A.H. Rossi, as she undergoes the tragic twists and turns of her life.


The uniqueness of her circumstances will gain your sympathy and at the same time, it paves way for a deeper understanding of how one woman can find fulfillment in her relationship, as well as muster the inner strength to move forward in her life when times of adversity arise.   

It also illustrates how, although we may plan our future thoroughly, destiny still finds its way to intervene and veer our paths to another direction. As we accept that new direction, “… we must be kind to ourselves as we walk a new path where the sun has not traveled, but where there can be comfort in the far off sounds of a bird singing to the forest.” E.M. Albano



Letters to Andrea



Letters to Andrea is a sequal to The Widow's Web. It shares the tale of an American widow who has chosen to use her fortune to reach out to the less fortunate and rescue the ‘children of the street’. 


In this book, you will again meet Andrea, a strong woman who is thrown into an unpredictable love affair. Being widowed in just less than a year of her first marriage was never expected. Being widowed again the second, and the third time before reaching the age of thirty-three is unheard of. But for Andrea, this was the fate that befell her.








Bashful Lucy



Bashful Lucy is inspired by the true-to-life story of Lucy Albano. It is told through the eyes of a son who was privy to many of the secrets that had not even been disclosed to his five older sisters.

This compelling story shares the love affair that had sprung from an ‘arranged marriage.’ It reveals the incredible life of a powerful woman who not only raised seven children, but also went on to become a successful entrepreneur. Influential, she had bankers standing tall in her presence long before American society had acknowledged the presence of women’s liberation.

Although this story is nonfiction, the author has chosen to identify it as a ‘biographical novel.’







The Other Marconi



The author has labeled his story as a “biographical novel,” although it is based on a true story. “It only lacks being a true biography,” the author states, “because it was necessary to fill in the blanks during certain situations since the characters are no longer alive to guide me.”

The following review of this book should allow the prospective reader to determine if this is a story that appeals to their curiosity and personal interest.


E. M. Albano has once again beautifully captured the life of Italian immigrants in the early twentieth century. He follows his father from Calabria where he immigrated to the United States with his family, and describes the joy, tradition, values and familial loyalty and love that helped these Italian-Americans succeed in the New World. I enjoyed every page, and it brought back many wonderful memories of my own youth with Italian immigrant parents.
CARMEN FINESTRA Executive Producer and Co-Creator of the situation comedy “Home Improvement.”




The Letters of Peter Mitchell



The Letters of Peter Mitchell shares the workings of chance encounters and how we should seize every precious moment of these rare opportunities. This book shares the message, “It is what we do with life’s 'chance meetings' that should not be passively left to chance.”


Life is full of chance meetings. Peter Mitchell experienced one when he met Blanche at a ‘non-descript’ bar in New York City. Tony later experienced a chance meeting when he and his Ft. Dix buddies ran into Peter while waiting for an elevator at the Taft Hotel. Soldiers serving in the military live chance meetings daily; they’re a necessary ingredient of life.


Eugenio M. Albano’s military service in France during the early 60’s provided him with a rich knowledge of European culture and an appreciation for the arts. He left France in 1963 with memories that live on. He also has something personal to remind him of that period in his life: a beautifully hand-knitted mohair sweater which is written into the story!




Martin's Story



Martin's Story is the companion novel to The Widow's Web; It is the second story in the Trilogy about The Stories of Andrea T.A.H. Rossi. Martin is the trusted cousin and confidant of the widow Andrea.


In this book, you will see the double life of a man known as “Mr. Nice Guy” by his family and friends. However he struggles to live up to that title. Most men do not keep personal journals, nor do they admit to having one. In Martin’s Story, you will explore the thought, feelings and secrets of a man who has kept a private life that goes beyond the understanding of any simple person who’s bound by the dictations of his society.






The Stories of Andrea T.A.H. Rossi


The Stories of Andrea T.A.H. Rossi is not a new novel, but a book containing the original story, The Widow’s Web, and the sequel, Letters to Andrea. The author felt that the original story was important enough to be re-printed and introduced to new readers of his stories. The Widow’s Web was the author’s first novel and did contain some minor errors. In publishing this new book, containing both original and sequel novels, the author has made the corrections and has added photos at the end of this first novel, titled Andrea’s Photo Album of Paris that did not exist in the original publication. The hardback publication offers an excellent addition to any reader’s collection and becomes available in time for holiday gift-giving.