Eugenio Michael Albano



E. M. Albano was born in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania and attended public schools there. After an unsuccessful first year of college, he taught ballroom dancing for the Arthur Murray Studios before enlisting in the military, serving two and a half years of his three year enlistment with the U S Army in France. He became enamored with the lifestyle and culture of Paris and claims that he has ‘never fallen out of love with that City of Lights.’ Upon returning to the states, he began his forty-two year career in real estate. He was married for twelve years and became the father of two sons. Following his divorce he returned to university studies earning his Bachelor Degree in 1987, followed by a Master Degree in Humanities in 1988—both from the Pennsylvania State University. He has taught English Composition and Creative Writing as an adjunct at several community colleges. The author has traveled extensively throughout Europe, doing an independent study of Journalism in London; he studied French in Paris through New York University, and Italian in Perugia, Italy. He has visited the former Soviet Union, Japan, and most recently Brazil. He claims both Perugia and Paris as his homes away from home and does most of his writing from a small rented studio in Paris. This is the author’s fifth novel and 3rd book in the trilogy: “The Stories of Andrea T.A.H. Rossi;” “The Widow’s Web” being the original novel, and “Martin’s Story” being the companion novel in that trilogy.